10 Unexpected Uses For Garlic Skin

If you’re like me, you probably go through garlic a little too quickly. Garlic is one of the most versatile and flavorful ingredients in the kitchen, but what about garlic skin? Usually, garlic skin is discarded without a second thought. However, this humble peel can actually be put to a variety of uses. From keeping pests away from your garden to making your home smell deliciously amazing—in this blog post, I’ll explore 10 of the best unexpected uses for garlic skins. So before you throw those skins away, read on and see how you can put them to good use!

1. Keep pests away from your garden.

Garlic is a powerful natural repellent for many different types of insects and pests, including those that can cause damage to your garden or crops. Simply crush up some garlic skins and sprinkle them around the edges of your property, or hang them over your plants. The strong scent of garlic will keep away pests and help your garden thrive.

2. Keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

One of the most common uses for garlic skins is to make your house smell amazing! Simply pop some crushed garlic skins into a pot on the stove and simmer them with water, essential oil, or even another fragrant ingredient like cinnamon sticks. The pleasant scent will fill your home and keep it smelling great for hours.

3. Add flavor to soups, stews, and sauces.

If you love cooking with garlic but often find yourself throwing away the skins, don’t despair! Garlic skins can be used to add a delicious garlicky flavor to all kinds of savory dishes, from soups and stews to sauces and marinades. Simply simmer them with the other ingredients in your dish of choice, or add them directly to your favorite recipes.

4. Make natural home cleaners.

Want an easy way to clean your kitchen counters, bathroom tiles, or even your microwave? Look no further than crushed garlic skins! Simply add a handful of them to your favorite natural cleaning solution and use it to wipe down your kitchen or bathroom surfaces. The antibacterial properties of garlic will help keep germs and bacteria at bay, helping you maintain a clean and healthy home.

5. Use as fertilizer for your garden plants.

If you’re worried about wasting the potent nutrients in your garlic skins, don’t fret! Garlic skins are actually great for feeding your garden plants. Simply toss them into your compost bin or flower beds, and let nature do its work. You’ll be amazed at how fast and how well your plants respond to this natural fertilizer.

6. Add texture and color to your paintings.

If you’re an artist, then you may want to consider using garlic skins as a way to add some texture and color to your paintings. Simply crush up the skins and mix them into your paints or mediums of choice, and let your creativity run wild. You’ll love how unique and beautiful the results can be!

7. Make natural dye for fabric.

Want to add a splash of color to your clothes or kitchen curtains? Garlic skins can be used to make all kinds of beautiful natural dyes that can be applied to fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton. Simply crush up the skins and mix them with water, then use this mixture as a dye. You can even experiment with adding other ingredients like onion skins, turmeric, or beet juice for different shades and hues.

8. Use as fuel for campfires and fire fireplaces.

Looking for an alternative way to keep warm on a cool evening? Garlic skins can make great fuel for campfires and fireplaces, thanks to their high levels of natural oils. Simply lay out the skins in a pile next to your outdoor heat source and light them up. It’s crazy how long they’ll burn!

9. Make super-strong candles.

If you love crafting with natural materials, then you’ll absolutely love the excellent candlemaking capabilities of garlic skins. Simply simmer them in a pot of water until they turn into a thick, waxy paste, and use this as the base for your candles. It’s an easy way to get creative with one of the most versatile and convenient crafting materials out there.

10. Use as a makeshift exfoliator for your skin.

Looking for an easy way to remove dead skin cells and reveal the softer, healthier skin underneath? Garlic skin can make a great natural exfoliant that’ll leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Simply crush up the skins and mix them with a small amount of honey or olive oil, and gently scrub your skin in circular motions. You’ll be surprised by how refreshed and invigorated your skin will feel!

FAQs About Garlic Skin:

FAQs About Garlic Skin

Can you compost garlic skin?

Yes, you can compost garlic skin. Garlic skins contain a lot of nutrients and beneficial bacteria that help promote healthy soil and plant growth, making them an excellent addition to any compost pile or garden bed. Just be sure to crush the skins up into small pieces before adding them to your compost, as whole skins may not break down properly over time.

How do you use garlic skin to keep bugs away?

There are many ways to use garlic skin to keep away unwanted pests and insects in your home or garden. For example, you can crush the skins into a paste and rub them onto exposed skin as an insect repellent, or mix them with water and spray them around your home to keep bugs out. You can also use the crushed skins as a natural fertilizer for your plants, or steep them in hot water to make a potent tea that wards off insects. Whatever method you choose, just be sure to follow the proper safety precautions and always use garlic skin in moderation!

Can you eat garlic skin?

There is some debate around the safety of eating garlic skin, as it may contain high levels of pesticides and other contaminants. However, if you choose to consume garlic skin, it is best to use organic or homegrown garlic, since these typically have lower amounts of chemicals and toxins than commercially grown varieties. Overall, the safest option is to cook with garlic skin and avoid eating it raw.

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