Best Soy Candle Making Kits of 2022

Whether you’re looking to get creative during your free time or you want to pick up a new skill, soy candle-making kits may be your thing!

Imagine instead of picking up your favorite scented candle at the shop,  you actually make your own. That way, you’re able to choose from a wide array of different aromatherapy oils, colors, shapes, sizes, and much more. These kits come with absolutely everything you need, including wax, wicks, and glue spots to make enough candles for yourself or even as a thoughtful gift for others.

Not to mention that soy wax is a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly option overall. Plus, soy candles also don’t produce the same amount of soot as paraffin candles, and they have a longer burn time, too!

So, without further ado, let’s check some of the best soy candle-making kits out there.

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#1 Modera Candle Making Kit

This soy candle-making kit with essential oils includes everything you need to create beautiful candles with a fragrance to match. The Modera candle-making kit comes with four ambrosial oils of citrus, wood sage, and roses, and my personal favorite, lavender. You can even mix and match them as you please to create your own, unique signature fragrance.

The soy wax is non-toxic and made from high-quality soybeans. In the set, you’ll have four, eight-ounce bags of soy wax chips and four bags of dye chips to create stunning colors. Plus, there are some extra accessories too, such as a pouring pitcher, oven mitt, some stirring sticks, a thermometer, and much more.

If you’ve never dabbled in candle-making before, easy instructions for beginners are also included, so you can get started right away.

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#2 Complete DIY Candle Making Kit by CraftZee

Complete DIY Candle Making Kit by CraftZee

The complete candle-making kit by CraftZee comes with everything you need to begin creating cute candles with delicious smells. This ultimate DIY-making kit makes a fun project for your family and friends, and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions for total newbies or experts alike.

The set includes four dye blocks, four wonderful fragrances of lavender, coconut lime, cinnamon vanilla, and clean cotton. You’ll also get four eight-ounce bags of organic, high-grade soy wax chips, which you’ll melt to make candles. Plus, there is also a melting pot, stirring sticks, and bow tie clips to help you along the way.

You’re able to create four candles using these tools, which would make a lovely gift for someone, or as a way to brighten up space in your home. This kit will allow you to play around with different scents and fragrances to create the genuinely perfect candle for you.

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#3 JXXXN Candle Making Kit Supplies

Ideal for beginners, the JXXXN candle-making kit includes all the tools you’ll need to create gorgeous candles. The step-by-step instructions included make it easy for beginners, and the kit comes with plenty of accessories, too.

We like that it comes with a packing box and three gift bags, everything you need to create a lovely gift for someone! The set includes a melting pot, two pounds of premium-quality soy wax, thermometers, some stickers, candle wicks, dye locks, warning labels, six candle tins, and much more. Plus, the fragrances included are aromatherapy-inspired, and you can create relaxing scents of lavender, sweet orange, peppermint, and tea tree oil.

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#4 EWONICE Complete DIY Candle Making Kit

EWONICE Complete DIY Candle Making Kit

The EWONICE Complete DIY Candle Making Kit makes a fun project to start with your family or friends. The set includes everything to create stunning and fragrant soy candles, using only natural ingredients.

You’ll have intense green, blue and red colors in the kit, which you can mix to create even more shades. You’ll also get two bags of 17.6-ounce soy wax, four ambrosial scents of tea tree oil, lavender, sweet orange and peppermint, and much more to get you started. On the included labels, you can write some lovely words of affirmations for your space or a few kind words to the person you’re gifting them to for a truly personalized experience.

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#5 YRYM HT Candle Making Kit

Get creative with this YRYM candle-making kit! The set lets you create beautifully scented candles right from the comfort of your home, and make gorgeous gifts for family and friends, alike. Plus, the instructions are easy to follow, making this kit suitable for beginners.

In the kit, you’ll find 2.2 pounds of soy wax chips, four fragrant oils of lavender, sage, sandalwood, and sweet orange, to create a signature scent. You’ll also find four candle tins, 50 wicks, bow tie clips, stirring sticks, reusable metal pot, and much more.

The wax itself is high-quality, vegan-friendly, and an environmentally friendly choice overall. Not only will you be making a better choice for the world, but for your own health, too. Soy candles don’t produce as much soot as other types of candles, and they have much longer burn time, as well.

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#6 Nature’s Blossom Candle Making Supplies Kit

Nature's Blossom Candle Making Supplies Kit

No products found. lets you create some truly aesthetic and fragrant candles. Designed for beginners, the instructions explain every step you’ll need to take to create your first three candles.

The scents included are aromatic, and you’ll get chamomile, lavender, and lemon oils to play around with. The kit consists of a large wax melting pitcher, 1.5 pounds of soy wax chips, six cotton wicks, three large candle tins, and more,

These aesthetic candles make a beautiful gift for yourself or your family and friends. Their calming smell is also suitable for spas and relaxation rooms to create a truly serene atmosphere.

#7 Luxury Candle Making Kit

Now you can create luxurious candles right from home with this Luxury Candle Making Kit. This perfect starter kit allows you to create beautiful candles with fragrant tones of mandarin, lime basil, sea salt, and wood sage, 

In the kit, you’ll get everything you need to begin your candle-making journeys, such as a two-pound melting pot, fragrance oils, soy wax flakes, designer and warning labels, thermometer, two gift bags, instructional guidelines, and more.

You can make these soy candles truly unique by using professional sticker labels or creating your own design. The overall, creamy finish gives the candles a more boutique, high-end appearance and would make a gorgeous gift for someone. 

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#8 DIY Soy Candle Making Kit for Adults

DIY Soy Candle Making Kit for Adults

Get super creative with this DIY soy candle-making kit. It comes with absolutely everything you’ll need to create gorgeous and fun soy candles, including instructions to follow, as well.

The candle-making tools come packaged in a massive container for storage, and you’ll get all the basics, including tissue and wax paper, glass melting jug, decorative metal tins, shells, glitter, wicks, soy wax flakes, fragrant oils, and much more. All the accessories allow you to create super cute candles that you can decorate with glitter or shells for a unique look.

You’ll also have the necessary tools to create unique logos for gift ideas such as Christmas, Mother’s day, or any other upcoming occasion. The included scents come in delicious fragrances of vanilla, peppermint, eucalyptus, and chocolate for a blissful spa experience.

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#9 Dellabella Candle Making Kit

Last but not least, we have the Dellabella candle-making kit. The candle-making set is suitable for total beginners and more experienced candle makers alike, and it comes with all the tools to create gorgeous candles

You can create your own personalized shades using the soy wax color dyes and find your signature scent with the included lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and cherry blossom scents. The candle molds are reusable and make an elegant accessory for your home.

The soy wax itself is 100% natural, vegan-friendly and toxin-free. Plus, by using this premium quality wax, you’re able to enjoy a longer burn time, with a better fragrance, too.

We really like the carving tool included, which allows you to create your own designs or add a personalized touch to a gift.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Candle Making Kit

Things to Consider Before Buying a Candle Making Kit

Before splurging on a candle making kit, there are a few things to consider, such as:

Price – there are a ton of candle-making kits on the market with various price tags. Depending on the purpose of your candle-making venture, whether it’s a new hobby you want to pick up or start a business, it’s essential to see which candle-making kit is most suitable when considering the price.

Thermometer and Melting Pot – Those are critical in candle making. Therefore, before making a purchase, it’s important to determine if the seller has included those two things in the kit. If not, please ensure you have suitable alternatives at home.

Amount of Wicks – Do you have an idea of how many candles you want to make? While most kits come with a reasonably large number of wicks, it’s important you’re aware of exactly how many. It’s better to have some leftover than being a few short!

Why Make Your Own Candles?

Why Make Your Own Candles

There are various reasons why candle making is a good idea, some of which include:

  • It’s eco-friendly! This might be our top reason. Soy candles are a much better alternative than paraffin candles, which are made out of petroleum – a nonrenewable resource. Soy wax is a much more sustainable option that doesn’t come with any nasty chemicals and smells better too.
  • Doesn’t break the bank. While the first purchase will be a pricey one, after that, you have all the tools necessary to make as many candles as you’d like. You’ll only need to occasionally stock up on a few things. But in reality, you’re saving a ton of money by creating, aesthetically pleasing, fragrant candles right from the comfort of your home.
  • Super customizable. You can let your creativity flow with candle making by creating any kind of candle you can possibly imagine! You have the full freedom to decide on the shade, scent shape, size, and decoration you want. If you have kids, involve them too, to create truly magical designs.
  • Relaxing and fulfilling. Sometimes finding a new hobby can be daunting, and if adult coloring books aren’t your thing, then you might like candle making. You can do this with your whole family or a couple of friends. It’s also very fulfilling to create something of your own, and you’ll definitely feel a sense of pride in a job well done!

Soy Candle Making Tips

Soy Candle Making Tips

While soy candle making can appear easy at first, there are actually a few important guidelines to follow, to ensure you get the best outcome possible. We need to pay special attention to the temperature of the candle wax, so the mold doesn’t break, or the amount of scent you’re using. Read on for some handy tips on how to get the most out of your candle-making experience.

Shape & Size

Candles come in various shapes and sizes, depending on your preference. However, the simplest method involves pouring hot wax into pretty, glass jars or other types of heat-resistant containers, for a simple but aesthetic touch.


It’s crucial to pay attention to the wick. If it’s too large, it may produce way too much smoke and soot, or make the candle too hot, which can break its container. On the other hand, a wick that’s too fine won’t be able to melt through the whole candle and might create an unattractive, pit in the middle of the candle instead. So, to avoid unnecessary trial and error make sure to know the type of wick you really need to suit the type of candle you’re planning on making.


Depending on the type of fragrance you’re using, you may need to follow different steps to get the most out of it. Essential oils tend to be slightly trickier, as you’ll need to wait for the wax to cool down before adding it in, so the scent does not vaporize. Usually, this is somewhere below 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whereas oils designed specifically for candle making are applied when the wax is at its hottest, causing it to blend better. Suppose you’re unsure of the process when adding essential oils for candle-making oils. In that case, some oil suppliers include charts with the oil’s different ‘’flash points’’, which is the temperature at which the oil will ignite, and the one you should avoid during candle making.

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