How to Make Your Own Cat Toys from Toilet Paper Rolls

Are you an eco-conscious person seeking new ways to turn everyday items into something fun and functional? Look no further than your bathroom! Believe it or not, those empty toilet paper rolls can be transformed into new playthings for your furry feline friend. Not only will this keep your cat entertained, but it’s also a great way to reduce waste and live an eco-conscious lifestyle. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to make your own cat toys from toilet paper rolls. Get ready to become your cat’s new favorite toy maker!

  1. Simple Cat Toy: Crinkle Ball
    This toy is simple yet entertaining for your cats. To make this, you’ll need some tissue paper, a toilet paper roll, and a small bell. First, place the bell inside the toilet paper roll. Then layer a few sheets of tissue paper on top of each other. Crunch them together and then stuff them into the toilet paper roll. Close off the two ends of the roll by folding them inward. The tissue paper will crumple, creating a satisfying crinkling sound that every cat loves.
  1. Treat Dispenser Toy: Peekaboo Box
    This toy is perfect for keeping your cat entertained and is also a treat dispenser! Start by cutting a small flap from one side of the empty toilet roll. Fill it with your cat’s favorite treats and then cover the flap with another piece of cardboard, creating a peekaboo box. For the final touches, put cotton on the bottom of the toilet roll to make it softer, and decorate it to your liking. Your cat will love finding treats in their new toy!
  1. Interactive Cat Toy: Cat Puzzle
    Cats are intelligent creatures and love to play with puzzles. To make your own, grab a few toilet rolls, and cut them into even pieces. Make sure the pieces are long enough so your cat can reach inside them. Then, connect the pieces together, making a square or rectangle. Fill it up with your cat’s favorite treats or toys for extra fun.
  1. Simple Cat Toy: Roll and Play
    This toy takes almost no time to make, and your cat will love it. To create it, take small strips of cardboard and roll them tightly around a pencil or small stick. Once you have enough rolls, lay them on a flat surface, and let your cat go wild. The cardboard rolls will move and bounce around, keeping your cat amused for hours.
  1. Wall-Mounted Cat Toy: Wall Feeder
    This toy is perfect for those lazy cats who love to lay around all day, eating. Start by cutting a toilet roll in half. Then, use a hot glue gun or tape to attach the rolls to the wall, creating steps for your cat to reach their food. You can add as many steps as you need for your cat to reach the desired height. Once finished, fill the rolls with your cat’s favorite type of food and watch them climb and enjoy their meal.

DIY Cat Toy from Toilet Paper Rolls

Your cat will love these eco-friendly toys made from toilet paper rolls, and you’ll feel great knowing you’re helping the environment. The best part? These toys are easy and fun to make, so you can make a variety of them in no time. Get creative with the decoration, make them colorful, and add your own personal touch. Your cat will thank you for their new fun-filled toys!

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