10 Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Dog Toys That Won’t Hurt The Planet

Playing fetch or tug of war with my little Frenchie is sometimes the highlight of my day! So it makes sense to invest in ultra-fun dog toys I know he’ll appreciate.

However, lately, I’ve been concerned about the impact some of these plastic dog toys have on our environment and how to change that.

Why do conscious pet toys matter?

Why do conscious pet toys matter?

PSC reports 300 million pounds of multi-laminate packaging are produced by the pet industry in the United States each year, and this number is growing as pet ownership rises. When it comes to pet toys, the statistics are not much better.

To make things worse, there are no safety regulations on pet toys and accessories. Many pet toy companies make claims like “rubber is 100% non-toxic!” without disclosing their manufacturing process. And while rubber does not leach chemicals when heated, the factories where it is processed are often using harsh chemicals that can have long-lasting consequences on nearby communities.

This is something that needs to change, and this is why we’ve put together this list of zero waste dog toys your furry friend will love (and so will you).

So, let’s get to it!

Heart Rope Dog Toy

Heart Rope Dog Toy

Heart Rope Dog Toy is the perfect toy for new puppies and young dogs. It’s handmade out of durable materials, so it will last through hours of playtime. Plus, there’s no squeaker inside so your dog can’t get frustrated trying to make it work.

Double Knot Hemp Rope Dog Toy by The Good Dog Company

Double Knot Hemp Rope Dog Toy by The Good Dog Company

If you’re looking for a simple dog toy without all of the bells and whistles — then you and your furry best friend will love the hemp rope dog toy!

It’s made entirely out of hemp — a type of sturdy fiber extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s very natural and way better than simple rope. Apparently, dogs also prefer the smell and taste of the hemp material, so that’s a bonus.

We think that you guys will have plenty of fun playing tug of war with this sturdy rope, plus its antibacterial properties make it great for their teeth!

The Good Dog Company strives to create toys and other pet products that are not only high-quality but better for the environment, too. They are also a Green America Certified business, so you know that they’re the real deal.

Who wants to play tug-of-war? Your dog will enjoy the natural hemp’s scent as they battle with their end of the knotted rope!

Doggy Bag! – Second Choice Eco Dryer Balls

Doggy Bag! - Second Choice Eco Dryer Balls

Looking for a way to keep your dog entertained and happy? Look no further than DOGGY BAG BALLS! These hand-made balls are made from organic, cruelty-free New Zealand wool and colored with eco-friendly azo-free dyes. They’re the perfect size for medium to large dogs, and come in a variety of fun designs. Plus, they’ll come in a handmade organic cotton drawstring bag — so you can take them with you wherever you go!

About Friendsheep Company

Friendsheep is not merely a company; it’s also advocacy. All of their goods are lovingly manufactured in Kathmandu, Nepal, by underprivileged women and people with impairments who are paid fair salaries. They place a premium on ethical working conditions, medical care, education, and purpose to help people empower themselves while protecting animals and the environment.

Eco Quacker Dog Toy by Honest Pet Products

Eco Quacker Dog Toy by Honest Pet Products

If your dog goes crazy for a squeaky dog toy (and you don’t) then check out the Eco Quacker Dog Toy.

This adorable hemp duck is created out of ethically-sourced wool and comes with a squeaker that will make a game of fetch way more fun. On top of that, everything about this dog toy is earth-friendly, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

Best of all?

You can choose from 3 different sizes, so even the smallest little cutie can join in on the fun!

We love Honest Pet Products. The company founder, Mary Wolff, was surprised to see that her dogs seemed to prefer playing with more natural materials than their plastic dog toys. This set her on a mission to create sustainable pet toys that will not only be better for our planet but the kind our furry friends will love as well.

Organic Loofah Dental Dog Toy — Starfish

Organic Loofah Dental Dog Toy — Starfish

This isn’t your average chew toy – it’s a tooth- and gum-cleansing powerhouse! The Starfish Organic Loofah Dental Dog Toy is the perfect choice for pet parents who want a healthy, animal-free chew toy for their pup. Made of 100% vegetable loofah, this toy is a great alternative to traditional animal-based chews.

The small appendages of the starfish give pups plenty of surfaces that are easy to mouth and satisfying to chew, helping to keep their teeth clean and healthy.

Can dogs eat loofah?

This product is made of plant material and is completely digestible, although keep an eye on your pet while they chew on the starfish loofah since swallowing bigger pieces may take longer to digest and result in stomach discomfort.

Natural Rubber Dog Treat Ball by Beco Pets

Natural Rubber Dog Treat Ball by Beco Pets

A ball that dispenses treats? Count us in!

I bet a game of fetch will never be as fun as with the Beco Pets rubber dog treat ball. Made out of 100% natural rubber with a yummy vanilla scent, this rubber ball comes with a hiding place for treats.

So while you’re tossing the ball back and forth with your furry friend, you’re also setting them up for a fun puzzle. 

Beco Pets are proud creators of eco-friendly and sustainable dogs toys, treats, food, and so much more. 

Not only that, but the company also regularly contributes to animals and environment-focused organizations like the Marine Conservation Society and Dogs on the Street.

Fleece Bone Shaped Squeak Dog Toy by WaggingGreenPetShop

Fleece Bone Shaped Squeak Dog Toy by WaggingGreenPetShop

The handmade fleece bone-shaped toy is super cute, simple, and, best of all — 100% organic!

WaggingGreenPetShops prides themselves in creating hand-sewn, sustainable pet products that your furry friends are bound to love. And best of all? The company also allocated 5% of its profits to the improvement of pet lives — and we are here for it.

So, whether you want to play a fun game of fetch or tug o’ war, this toy won’t let you down.

Olive the Octopus by PawsandReflectUK

Olive the Octopus by PawsandReflectUK

If you have a big dog or one who loves playing rough, then they may appreciate Olive the Octopus — the extra sturdy dog rope toy! It has eight strong tentacles that won’t be hard on your pet’s teeth and gums.

This adorable toy is made out of sustainable jute (a type of natural plant fiber that’s 100% biodegradable) and soft suede, all of which are sustainable and zero waste.

Large Hemp Carrot by PurrfectPlay

Large Hemp Carrot by PurrfectPlay

The Large Hemp Carrot green dog toy is nothing short of adorable!

It’s made out of a sturdy hemp canvas and doesn’t contain any toxins or dyes. It’s about 14 inches long and 6 inches wide at the top, so it’s great for both small and big dogs.

It also includes a squeaker inside, which is something we know most dogs love.

All of PurrfectPlay’s pet toys are lovingly handmade in the U.S. Additionally, the company ensures that each toy is sustainable and fun. They are also proud members of Green America and American Made Matter, and 5% of all their profits go to animal rescue organizations — yay!

Classic Dog Toy by KONG

Classic Dog Toy by KONG

The KONG red rubber toy is the sturdy rubber ball toy and dog needs!

This natural rubber ball can withstand aggressive chewing while satisfying your dog’s instinctual needs. This ball is also great for dogs who are teething!

Made in the U.S. with globally sourced materials, you can rest assured that everything about this toy screams sustainable.

We also love how you can further your dog’s fun by stuffing some treats into the toy’s hiding spot, offering even more hours of fun.

Additionally, it comes in various sizes ranging from XS to XXL, so all of the dogs can join in on the fun! 

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We hope you found these sustainable and zero-waste toys as awesome as we did!

Going zero waste doesn’t have to be hard; all it takes is making small and gradual changes in your life, and why not start with your pets?

If you need more ideas regarding pet care, make sure to stop by our best zero waste pet shampoo guide.

Thanks for reading!

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