Zero Waste Starter Kit: A Simple Step Towards Green Living

Starting a zero-waste journey is challenging, especially for beginners. There are so many things we could do without, starting from plastic straws all the way to disposable cutlery.

While it’s difficult to go 100% zero-waste, there are a couple of things that we can swap out that would make a difference. Plus, it doesn’t have to be expensive either! Plenty of things like reusable bamboo cotton rounds and eco-friendly makeup work out cheaper in the long run.

Today, we‘re going to introduce some practical and useful zero-waste starter kits to get you started on this awesome journey.

Spoiler alert — They are pretty great.

So, let’s jump right into it!

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Now you can enjoy your delicious packed lunch anywhere with this sustainable takeaway kit. It’s also a great purchase if you don’t know where to begin your new sustainable lifestyle.

Plastic cutlery and other single-use plastic do nothing but litter our waterways and pollute our landfills. A single plastic bag takes up to 1,000 to degrade, while a cotton reusable bag or a bamboo container will last you for ages and degrade in less than a year.

The kit comes with everything you need while eating on the go. A glass container jar paired with a bamboo lid, a zero-waste cork sleeve, a straw cleaner, napkin, utensils, and reusable cotton bags. You can also buy a ceramic knife add-on to complete your set.



The Healthy Family has created the ultimate zero-waste self-care kit. This would make a fantastic gift, or it’s a great way to try out some more sustainable and natural beauty products.

Everything you’ll find in the kit is vegan and ethically sourced, and completely plastic-free. In the kit, you’ll find 100 biodegradable cotton buds, face mask treatment, bamboo makeup remover pads, a cotton laundry bag, and a bar of natural massage soap.

Everything is beautifully packaged in recyclable materials, and you can choose to have the package git wrapped as well.



The ZeroWasteMVMT’s zero-waste starter kit comes with a little bit of everything to get started on your plastic-free lifestyle.

Everything you’ll find in this set is plastic-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly. Plus, many of these items are stuff you’d use daily – which is why this kit would make a thoughtful housewarming gift, too.

The starter box includes reusable grocery bags, a bamboo travel cutlery set, a loofah, a wooden dish brush, makeup remover pads, a sisal soap saver, and reusable snack bags.

I also like that with every purchase ZeroWaste MVMT promises to plant a tree.



The OnePlanetShopDE sustainable shaving kit is an excellent present for yourself or a friend who needs a gentle push into the more zero-waste lifestyle.

It’s also a gender-neutral gift – making it suitable for anyone. The kit includes a zinc alloy safety razor paired with Astra replacement razor blades, 2 vegan soap bars, a natural linen pouch for storage, and a vegan shaving brush.

But that’s not all! Dental care is also included with this set.

You’ll additionally find 2 bamboo toothbrushes, a red oak soap dish, bamboo cotton rounds, and a bamboo comb.

The vegan soap bars aren’t just meant for shaving. Since the bars are made with nourishing ingredients, you can wash your body and face using them.

Lastly, the whole thing is packed using recyclable materials, and the box itself is made out of 65% recyclable paper, and 35% domestic grass – how cool is that?



Just think how much waste goes into plastic food wrappers and reusable bags. This is why I’m on board with these sustainably produced beeswax wraps and reusable produce bags by EverydayGreen.

The set includes 3 mesh bags, which are ideal for grocery shopping, 3 beeswax wraps in various sizes, a beeswax refresher, and a cute reusable tote bag. Keep in mind that while beeswax is zero-waste, it isn’t 100% vegan-friendly.

Additionally, all of these products are ethically made in China, and everything you see in the kit is plastic-free.



I’m obsessed with coconut bowls. Not only do they look great with almost any decor, but they are also eco-friendly and zero-waste.

The coconut and bamboo cutlery kit by SakaMarket is ethically handcrafted in Indonesia, with no harmful pesticides or chemicals present during the process. The set includes a coconut bowl paired with a bamboo fork and spoon and a straw bag with 3 different straws, plus a straw cleaner. 

It’s so simple yet convenient—especially as a gift.

The Zero Waste Box

The Zero Waste Box

Help to reduce your or your loved one’s single-use plastic consumption with this zero waste box. It comes with a ton of valuable swaps such as a metal straw set, silicone ziplock bags, cotton produce bags, and large mesh grocery bag, 

This is basically everything you’ll need to bring along your next grocery shopping trip, plus you’ll also have reusable silicone bags to store products in as well. The straw kit is really nice touch too, as you can bring it with you anywhere you go.

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Zero Waste Kitchen Kit

Zero Waste Kitchen Kit

For most of us, the kitchen is probably the most wasteful area of our home. Therefore, opting for sustainable kitchen swaps is bound to make a big difference in approaching a more zero-waste lifestyle.

This Zero Waste Kitchen kit really starts you off well. Everything is created out of good-grade materials like silicone, and you can reuse a lot of the stuff multiple times.

In the kit, you’ll find reusable silicone lids, reusable bags, and beeswax wrap. The reusable bags are fantastic for storing dry goods like nuts or seeds in the cupboards or cheese and cold cuts in the fridge. Similarly, beeswax wraps are also reusable and pretty handy for wrapping up leftovers or when packaging a lunch.

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You can also check out some more reusable food wraps that are zero-waste and ethically produced.

What did you think of our zero-waste starter kit ideas? Did any of these appeal to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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