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Popular Eco-Friendly Hair Brushes To Support Zero Waste Lifestyle

Hairbrushes have always been popular for obvious reasons; however, now they have become more of a nuisance for our environment.

This is because the majority of hairbrushes are made out of plastic and other non-biodegradable materials. These also break easily, making it necessary to replace your hairbrush pretty often.

There are some popular eco-friendly alternatives like the boar bristle hairbrush, but it isn’t vegan since it uses actual animal hair.

So if you’re in the market for a new brush for your locks, why not go down the eco-friendly route? 

Check out the most popular zero-waste and sustainable hair brushes to kick start your eco-friendly lifestyle!

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Biodegradable Bamboo Brush & Comb

Biodegradable Bamboo Brush & Comb

Bamboo is probably one of the topmost sustainable materials out there, so opting for a bamboo hairbrush is definitely an excellent way to go.

The Eco Emerald bamboo hairbrush is 100% biodegradable, and everything down to the pins is made out of sustainably sourced bamboo.

What’s also great about this brush is that it won’t produce as much static or frizz during brushing, which is a great plus for those of you with more voluminous hair.

And to top things off, this brush also includes a fabric carry case, and the packaging is fully biodegradable as well.

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Economical Bamboo Brush

For both an affordable and eco-friendly hairbrush, check out BFWood’s bamboo brush, which retails for under $10.

This bamboo brush comes in a beautiful gift box, making it a lovely present for a loved one. Additionally, the hairbrush has a very solid and sturdy appearance making it much more long-lasting than plastic commercial ones.

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Small Paddle Bamboo Brush

Small Paddle Bamboo Brush

The Bass paddle bamboo brush does have boar bristles; therefore it isn’t a vegan product. However, if you’re in the market for a sturdy small paddle brush, then Bass hair brushes are the way to go.

Plus, the hairbrush includes a stylish carrying case and a nice two-tone design.

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Ash Wood Hair Brush

For a truly environmentally friendly hairbrush, check out the wooden hairbrush from TEK.

This Italian handmade brush might be on the pricier side, but many customers claim that it makes their hair look shinier and smoother – which is a massive plus in our books! 

On top of that, the wooden brush is made out of FSC-certified wood, so you can rest assured you’re getting a sustainable product.

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Sandalwood Hair Brush

Sandalwood Hair Brush

Sandalwood often carries a very nice earthy aroma scent, which is why I like the idea of this sandalwood hairbrush.

Additionally, the overall design is very sleek and sturdy looking, which is exactly what you want in a good hairbrush. 

While brushing your hair, you can also enjoy a lovely scalp massage from its broad wooden bristles – promoting better blood flow to your scalp and help you achieve healthier hair.

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Beechwood / Hornwood Hair Brush

The handcrafted wooden hairbrush is made in Germany out of natural and waxed beechwood.

The wax coating is 100% vegan, and the brush is almost 9 inches long – its long handle makes it easier to use.

Additionally, beechwood hair brushes are mostly known for their anti-static properties making this brush ideal if your hair tends to frizz often or if you live in a more humid climate. I also like the overall design of the brush and the fact that the brush is entirely compostable.

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Plant-Based Brush For Wet Hair

Plant-Based Brush For Wet Hair

If your hair gets tangled easily or you struggle with a traditional brush, you might like the WetBrush Original.

The hairbrush easily glides through hair and tackles the tangles with minimal struggle – all thanks to the IntelliFlex bristles!

The brush itself is made out of recycled plastic materials, so it isn’t as heavy as bamboo or other wooden brushes.

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Mixed Eco-Friendly Materials Brush

The EcoTools hair brushes are made out of a broad mix of natural ingredients like plant-based plastic, bamboo, recycled PET and aluminium. Plus, the brushes feature a unique design that helps your hair dry faster – making them fantastic for styling your hair!

In EcoTools online store, you can also find other great sustainable items such as makeup brushes, bath sponges and other beauty and self-care tools.

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Things to know before you buy a zero-waste hairbrush:

Things to know before you buy a zero-waste hairbrush

Before you run off to buy a new hairbrush, here are a few things to consider:

  • Try to look for sustainable packagings, like recycled cardboard
  • Make sure the bristles aren’t made out of plastic or have plastic caps
  • If you follow a vegan lifestyle, ensure that the bristles aren’t made of animal hair
  • Make sure the hairbrush suits your hair type, i.e., curly, straight or frizzy
  • Look out for hairbrushes that are made out of sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled plastic

Can you recycle plastic hairbrushes?

Can you recycle plastic hairbrushes

Sadly, no. Most plastic hair brushes cannot be easily recycled because they contain multiple materials such as sealants, rubber, metal, wood and so on. This is because once the product arrives at the recycling facility, the workers need to sort each recycled material into sections; if the item has multiple components – it’s challenging to recycle.

It doesn’t matter if all of the materials in the product are recyclable; if they are mixed, it becomes unrecyclable.

This is why it’s a good idea to go for biodegradable or compostable products that will degrade quickly and fully once disposed of.

 Do you have an eco-friendly hairbrush at home? What did you think of our list? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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