Best Paper Coasters of 2021

Whether you’re a homemaker, bar or restaurant owner, or you just like a tidy space –  you probably use coasters. They not only look attractive and convenient, but they also prevent those unsightly moisture rings on your polished wood table or fancy table cloth. Coasters are also a  fantastic way to subtly advertise certain beverages or deals if you’re a bar owner, and they aren’t costly to buy in bulk.

When choosing the right brand for your home or business, it’s essential to know that certain materials are better than others. For example, fabric and paper coasters are way more effective at absorbing condensation from a hot or cold cup. Simultaneously, other materials like plastic or rubber will simply pool up and cause more of a mess, to begin with, and aren’t as effective.

Today, we’re going to show you some of our favorite paper coaster types. Not only are they ideal to use under your teacup, glasses, or anything else you can imagine, a lot of them also look pretty cool! Personally, I wouldn’t object to having some around my home as a way to impress my guests and protect my table from those unattractive coffee stains!

So, check out some of the top brands we’ve compiled for you, and see which ones would fit best in your home or business.

NPW-USA 15 Count Classic Games Bar Banter Coasters Set

Southern Sayings Funny Country Sayings Drink Coasters by Ancesserie

Genuine Fred GOOD MEASURE Paperboard Beverage Coasters

Genuine Fred HOT & FRESH PIZZA Paperboard Beverage Coasters

Set Of Four Recycled Newspaper Coasters With Holder

Periodic Table of Elements Disposable Paper Coasters by Nerdy Words

French Bull Multiple Designs Coasters

Stickeroonie Pulpboard Paper Coasters

Genie Crafts Cardboard Coasters

Design Design Wine Cheer Paper Coasters

Design Imports Paper Drink Coasters

dRINK Barware Beverage Drink Coasters, DIY Kids Arts and Crafts

Science is Real Reversible Set by Faux Designs

Men Cocktail Napkins by FAKKOS Design

Octopus Reversible Set by Faux Designs

PSI Coasters by the Beistle Store


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