9 Eco-Friendly Swimwear Sets For This Summer

With summer in full swing, investing in new and stylish swimwear seems like a good idea. However, did you know that your new bikini set can be sustainable too?

You heard that right!

Here at Trash Backwards, we are all about sustainable living, which also involves your swimsuit. 

At this point, you may be wondering what’s wrong with your regular bikini. The answer is: the material it’s made of.

Regular commercial swimwear is made out of nylon, polyester, and similar fabrics, containing tiny plastic microfibers that eventually make their way into our oceans. Plus, we don’t support fast fashion either, which is what many modern clothes brands do.

Today we’re going to talk about some great eco-friendly swimwear alternatives and ethical brands that truly embody what we’re all about.

So, let’s get to it!

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Ethnic Striped Recycled High-Waisted Bikini

Ethnic Striped Recycled High-Waisted Bikini

I really like this Ethic Striped swimsuit set by AudreyandIreneGifts. The earthy color scheme design looks very natural and chic, and the set overall seems very comfy.

Best of all, 

The fabric is composed of 88% recycled polyester and 12% elastane, and all of the materials are ethically sourced. Additionally, the padding is removable, and the swimsuit is double layered for added comfort.

Rainforest Tie Dye Bikini by Lotus Tribe Clothing

The Rainforest Bikini set is made out of organic cotton and spandex, which is ultra-comfortable and looks pretty great.

The material is also super stretchy and suits most sizes from small to large plus, the bikini will look great on all body types – which I love!

Organic Bra And Panty Tribal Set

Organic Bra And Panty Tribal Set

The tribal organic panty and bra set is suitable both as underwear and swimwear. 

I really like how everything is handmade and created out of all-natural materials such as organic cotton lycra. The same seller also has plenty of other beautiful pieces in the shop, ranging from flowy skirts to chic crop tops – to suit all body sizes.

New Jerusalem Bikini

The New Jerusalem Bikini set is made out of eco-friendly and recycled materials – which we are all for!

Plus, the blues and the yellows in this swim set scream summer and beach vibes, which makes sense since the Jerusalema Song inspired the bikini. The swimsuit itself is very comfortable and designed for all shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the swim shorts feature a fashionable high waist design, and the top includes removable pads. 

As a cherry on top, every time this set is purchased, 10% of the profits go to education fees for children in Ghana.

Khaki Hula Swimwear Bikini Set

Khaki Hula Swimwear Bikini Set

The Khaki Hula swimwear set is made out of sustainable materials and recycled fishing nets, including plastic from the sea. The swimsuit is designed in London and handmade on the beautiful island of Bali.

Looking at the set, it’s easy to see the tropical island inspiration – with the lush greens and simplistic style. Other materials involved in the making process include 22% Elastane and 78% recycled Nylon.

The swimsuit is resistant to oils and sunscreen, which is a huge bonus and the set is available from sizes S to XL.

Lastly, the packaging process is plastic-free, too, and each bikini set is delivered in a biodegradable zip lock bag.

Mangia Fuoco 2 Piece Zero Waste Bikini

For more color options, check out the Mangia Fuoco swimwear sets. They come in black, navy blue or electric blue color tones and feature a very minimalist and chic design.

The whole bikini set is made out of 100% regenerated nylon fibre found in most nylon waste and fishnets. 

Additionally, the swimwear is designed to handle water sports, making it great for your next aquatic adventure.

Light Coral Watercolor Recycled High-Waisted Bikini

Light Coral Watercolor Recycled High-Waisted Bikini

The light coral pink swimwear set by WinishutDesigns is made out of 88% recycled polyester and 12% elastane. It’s super eco-friendly, and the color is stunning and flattering on most skin tones.

All of the materials are ethically sourced from Colombia, the EU and Taiwan, and the bikini set is double layered for extra comfort.

Recycled Material Swimsuit

For another high waisted, stylish option, check out the recycled material swimsuit from UpInStars.

The swimsuit features a mustard yellow design with a cute peony print, and as always, it’s eco-friendly with ethically sourced materials.

Since it’s double-layered, it’s suitable for all-day wear at the pool or beach, and it comes in multiple size options, too.

Lovely Lemons Recycled High Waisted Bikini Set

Lovely Lemons Recycled High Waisted Bikini Set

Who needs Lulu Lemons when you have Lovely Lemons!

The swimwear features high waisted breathable, comfy bottoms and a cute top with extra padding and stretch! The bikini set is made out of recycled eco-friendly materials that make it worth its price.

What did you think of our eco-friendly swimwear sets? Do you have a brand you prefer? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

If you truly want to be summer-ready this year, why don’t you pick up a pair of sustainable bamboo sunglasses and slather yourself in some cruelty-free sunscreen!

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