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If you’re anything like me, then nothing will make you think more about saving the planet than having kids. Instead of just thinking about the here and now, having kids forces us to think more about the future and the world we’re leaving for our children. Unfortunately, whether it be diapers, plastic bags, or a million other things, nothing seems to make us buy more stuff and get through more single-use plastic than having kids.

So, what’s a tired and overworked new parent to do?

There are lots of things you can change, from your diet to your travel habits.  But one of the things I’m trying to do is get away from single-use plastics and use only biodegradable and recyclable alternatives instead. In my experience, not enough parents know that pretty much all of the essentials we need for babies and toddlers, like dinnerware and cups, are available in biodegradable and recyclable alternatives. So we can get away from single-use plastics and leave a better world for the next generation. 

Because we all know a sippy cup isn’t going to be used for more than a couple of years, so let’s replace it with something that isn’t just going to become another piece of landfill. 

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What Are Eco-Friendly Sippy Cups Made from?

What Are Eco Friendly Sippy Cups Made from

A lot of people want to make sure their children avoid all BPA plastic because of the well-known issues of particles of plastic getting into the water. So, while almost all sippy cups are BPA-free, new research suggests that even non-BPA plastics can leach dangerous chemicals into our food and drink. That’s why a lot of kid’s cups are increasingly made from silicone, glass, or even bamboo. 

A lot of us feel that, when it comes to the health of our children, it is better to be safe than sorry. So we’re better off using alternatives to plastic such as stainless steel and glass or other eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to sippy cups for our kids.

Pura Kiki 5 oz / 150ml Stainless Steel Anti-Colic Infant Bottle

This children’s bottle from Pura is made from food-grade stainless steel, topped off with a medical-grade silicone nipple and no internal lining. That means you can put it through the washing machine to clean it and don’t have to worry about anything leaching into your baby’s water. It’s lightweight and will stand up to whatever your little one can do to it, no matter how strong they’re feeling!

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TODDLE UP Glass Toddler Cups with Protective Silicone Sleeves 

I know what you’re thinking, “Glass? Are you crazy?” But these 12oz cups from Toddle Up come wrapped in a silicone sleeve which will protect them from almost any attack your toddler is able to hit them with. If your little one is strong enough to be able to crack the thick glass, the silicone sleeve will keep the glass inside. As well as that, the lid and straw are made of biodegradable and naturally anti-fungal bamboo. The only issue, really, is that because they’re made of thick glass they’re heavier than most alternatives.

WolfSay – Sippy Cup Kid Friendly Wheat Straw Water Cup

This No products found. is made from completely biodegradable wheat straw. It’s strong and has a silicone ring around the inside to prevent any leaks, as well as a handle on each side, so little hands can keep hold of it. But the best thing is that once you’re finished with them they are completely biodegradable! The only problem with them is they can be a little hard to get hold of, so if you see them in stock somewhere make sure you snap them up ASAP.

Bobo & Boo Bamboo Kids Cups – Eco Friendly Cups Without Lids

These cups from Bobo & Boo don’t come with lids, so they’re for kids who have a little more motor control than those who are using the normal sippy cups. But they are made from bamboo which makes them naturally BPA and toxin-free. It also means if someone accidentally drops them, they won’t shatter like glass can. Also, they’re specially designed, at around 3.5 inches high, to be kid-sized, the ideal size for small hands. You can even buy a complete dinner set for your kids if you want to make sure they avoid plastic whenever they eat.

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Elk and Friends Stainless Steel Cups

These stainless steel cups from Elk and Friends come with a nice variety of kid-friendly designs. The cup itself is made from stainless steel with a silicone sleeve around it to protect it from damage. The lid and straw are made from silicone as well and they come with an additional four covers, without a gap for a straw, that screw on top so you can use your cups to transport snacks as well. Because they’re stainless steel, they’re dishwasher safe and won’t leak and plastic into your kid’s drink.

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Kereda Stainless Steel Cups With Lids And Straws

I’m a big fan of stainless steel cups and although these cups from Kereda aren’t specifically designed for kids they’re still a great alternative to the normal disposable plastic variety. They come with a silicone sleeve and lid and a stainless steel straw. As well as a little brush so you can keep the inside of your straw clean of whatever sticky drink your kid has been slurping through it. 

Because they weren’t designed for kids this is one for slightly older children. The silicone lid will keep a drink inside but will probably spill if knocked off a countertop. However, because it wasn’t designed only for kids it means you can use it too, and keep on using it once the kids get older.

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There are plenty of options to choose from, depending on what type of material you want to go for and how old your children are. For tiny ones, my personal favorite is No products found., if you can get hold of one. I really like the idea of the cup completely composting down to nothing once I’m finished with it. Similarly, Bobo & Boo’s bamboo cup is great, but only if your little one is big enough to use a cup without a lid.

No matter which one you go for, it’s good to know that not only will you be avoiding potentially dangerous plastics that may harm your child, but also helping the planet at the same time. 

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