9 Amazing Eco-Friendly Gifts For Kids

Buying toys for kids is both fun and rewarding; nothing beats seeing their little faces lighting up with joy upon opening up their present! How about this year you give an eco-friendly version of their favorite toy?

Eco-friendly toys are not only better for the environment and last longer, but they usually don’t contain any toxins – for the little ones who like to put everything in their mouth.
Plus, buying toys for younger kids is a lot easier than older ones, so it’s a good idea to start with more eco-friendly alternatives.

There are many fun alternatives out there, such as music sets, arts & crafts, and much more. So check out our top 8 amazing eco-friendly gifts for kids.

Let’s get to it!

#1 Wooden Musical Instruments Toys

#1 Wooden Musical Instruments Toys

There have been countless studies done that rave about the benefits of introducing young children to music. It helps their cognitive development and is also a great way to bond with their family and friends.

So if you like the idea of introducing your little one to the fun of music creation, then check out this Wooden Musical Instruments Toy set. Playing with instruments can help your child understand rhythm, develop their sight, and their understanding of colors and sounds; plus it’s pretty fun for everyone.

The wooden set is toxin and chemical paint-free and is entirely natural. You pretty much get everything with this, including a flute, wooden claves, rattle drum, tambourine, maracas, and more! 

The wooden music set would make a lovely eco-friendly gift for your kid or anyone else you know. Just make sure to dry the instruments well if they come in contact with water since wood can potentially swell and splinter if left wet for too long.

#2 Green Kid Crafts: Discovery Box

The Green Kid Crafts Discovery Box is an excellent present for both older and younger kids. If you want to introduce your little ones to the wonders of science, engineering, technology, art, and math, then that’s what you’ll get with the subscription discovery box.

Your child will be surprised with a fun box with different tasks or experiments to try out every month. The last few boxes were a human body lab – where kids learn about the human body through fun games and building experiments, a slime lab, backyard science, and a physics workshop.

Best of all, all of the kits are carbon-neutral, recyclable, non-toxic, and sustainable!

#3 Purple Ladybug Paper Art Craft Kit for Kids

#3 Purple Ladybug Paper Art Craft Kit for Kids

If your kids love art, then they’ll love the Purple Ladybug Paper art craft set!

This set comes with 35 cheers of color-top scratch paper in 5 different colors to choose from – which is a lot. Your kids will use the styluses included to scratch various designs, pictures, or anything they wish on top of the paper revealing the vibrant colors underneath.

This is a very unique gift that most kids will love, as it allows them to be creative – without the mess. Plus, the products are eco-friendly and kid-tested.

Keep in mind that this gift might be best for children who are 4+ since the stylus is a little sharp.

#4 Creativity for Kids String Art Star Light Craft Kit

For kids who like building things, check out the Star Light Craft Kit.

This kit allows you and your little ones to create a really cool and unique glowing lantern using string art and glue. Once you’ve made your desired shape, you can string a few LED lights through it and enjoy a beautiful glow during the day or an innovative night light for bedtime!

The Star Light Craft set is also toxin-free and eco-friendly, which is what we always aim for at Trash Backwards.

However, keep in mind that this task is a little bit more difficult and messy due to the amount of glue used. So this gift might be better for older kids who like a more challenging project. 

#5 Jackinthebox Space Educational Stem Toy

#5 Jackinthebox Space Educational Stem Toy

Does your kid like space? If yes, then they may like this Jackinthebox Space educational Stem set.

In the box, you’ll find 6 engaging activities you can do together with your kid. This includes creating a mobile solar system, making a stunning kaleidoscope with unique patterns, and learning about the various constellations by designing a streamer.

You can even use an included recipe for baking Oreos, to learn about the different moon phases by licking off the cream, how cool is that?

Overall, this is a great gift set for any child, and since it’s designed by world-renowned educational and learning experts, you know that you’re getting the best of the best. Plus, the kit is eco-friendly and toxin-free as well.

#6 4M Tin Can Robot – DIY Science Construction Stem Toy

Robots are super fun, so imagine how great it would be to build your own?

The 4M Tin Can Robot is a fun DIY activity for kids and teens alike while also being educational.

I like that the purpose of the tin can robot is to teach kids the value of recycling and how to reuse everyday objects through building a functional robot. This isn’t a complicated task either; the kit comes with detailed instructions and all the tools necessary.

All you need to add is a soda can, and that’s it! You’ll also need to have one AA battery handy to make the creation come alive.

#7 4M Green Science Rocket Kit

#7 4M Green Science Rocket Kit

Launching rockets has always been fascinating to kids and adults alike. So I bet your kid will jump at the chance to build their very own rocket.

The 4M Green Science Rocket can launch up to 80 feet in the air! While also teaching your child basic building skills.

The rocket is built using recycled materials and air pressure, and the kit includes all the necessary parts for that. All you need to supply are a few magazine pages and recycled soda bottles.

The whole kit is sustainable and eco-friendly and is best for children who are 8 and up.

#8 Natural Earth Paint Wooden Eggs Craft Kit

Most kids like to get their hands dirty with colorful paint. Therefore, the paint used should be toxin-free and natural, like the ones that come with this Natural Earth Paint Wooden Eggs Craft Kit.

This wooden egg painting kit is super fun for all ages, and it can be a fun Easter tradition for the whole family, too.

The kit includes 6 wooden eggs, 6 natural earth paint colors, and a single bamboo paintbrush. You can mix the various tones to create additional colors.

#9 Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit

#9 Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit

Another great way to get creative is by making beautiful jewelry. The Hapinest Jewelry Arts and Crafts kit includes everything your child will need to create beautiful clay jewelry. Such as 8 various colors of polymer clay, 30 inches of bracelet cord, many different types of charms, and much more.

The kit is huge and will no doubt provide hours of endless fun for your kids or teens. Due to the small parts in the kit, it’s best suited for children 8 and over.

What did you think of these eco-friendly gift ideas for kids? Is there something we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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