Best Zero Waste Eco Pet Shampoos

Pets can be a part of your zero-waste journey, too!

Often, commercial pet shampoos contain harsh chemicals and additives that just aren’t great for your beloved companion. And while some brands are advertised for sensitive skin, it still doesn’t change the fact that they contain chemicals that aren’t naturally produced.

Your furry friends are just as prone to skin allergies, infections, and severe sensitivity as we are; therefore, it’s essential to compact that with products that are gentle and natural. For example, this CBD shampoo is ideal for pets with skin issues.

There are plenty of other benefits to making a switch to 100% natural pet shampoo bars. For one, they take up way less space than plastic bottles of shampoo; they’re biodegradable and environmentally-friendly!

I also like that most bars are made for both dogs and cats, and they’re built to last you a while as well. Plus, the pet shampoo bars are infused with lovely fragrances – and don’t emit that weird odor often associated with commercial brands.

Today we’ve compiled a list of various zero-waste eco pet shampoo products with hypoallergenic properties and some can even aid against the battle with ticks and fleas.

So let’s get to it!

Ranch Hand Amish Bar Soap-Dog Shampoo

Ranch Hand Amish Bar Soap-Dog Shampoo

The Ranch Hand Amish Dog Shampoo is all-natural, and made for all pets, ranging from your dog to horse! The ingredients include bentonite clay, cornstarch, and coffee – all of which promote healthy skin and fur, and it smells pretty great too.

The shampoo comes in bar form, and it will last up to 10 times longer than regular pet shampoo. The soap comes with a burlap scrubber that you can easily hold in one hand while shampooing your pet. The overall design of the kit is charming, and everything about it is eco-friendly.

Soapy Tails Dog Shampoo Bar

Soapy Tails Dog Shampoo Bar

Soapy Tails dog shampoo bar is ideal for pets with sensitive skin. The ingredients include coconut milk and oatmeal and other essential oils, which are 100% natural and eco-friendly. The soap bar is super-rich and produces a very fluffy lather, and it contains vitamins A, B, C, and D.

If you have young puppies, it’s possible to use the bar on dogs who are from six weeks old, even if they suffer from skin issues. Lastly, the formula is also designed for flea relief, which prevents outdoor pests from getting in your furry friend’s coat.

Natrulo Natural Pet Shampoo

The Natrulo natural pet shampoo is a super gentle product that’s suitable for both cats and dogs. This all-natural soap bar consists of a beneficial blend of coconut oil, Vitamin E & fair trade Palm Oil, and olive oil – all of which is super moisturizing for your pet’s skin.

Plus, Natrula’s soap bar is vegan, anti-fungal, and holistic to keep the bad smells at bay. The four-ounce bar is designed to last you a while, and it’s suitable for sensitive skin, too.

Lastly, the shampoo bar is packed in plastic-free packaging, and it’s totally biodegradable.

Sit. Stay. Forever.


If you’re a puppy or a kitten parent, chances are you want something gentle that won’t irritate their delicate skin. This is where the Sit. Stay. Forever shampoo bars come in. It’s created out of all-natural and skin-loving ingredients such as oatmeal, vitamin E oil, and coconut oil. Plus, the bars also contain neroli essential oil, which is hugely beneficial for its calming and mildly sedative qualities.

WashBar Natural Dog Shampoo Bar

The WashBar natural dog shampoo bar is great for dogs with more sensitive or allergy-prone skin. It’s made of organic and eco-friendly ingredients, and the 3.5oz bar is built to last! Plus, there is no plastic bottle waste, which is a big win when it comes to more sustainable products.

The shampoo bar isn’t limited to just dogs either. You can use it on cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, or any other animal that you’re a proud owner of. Best of all, the shampoo bar contains a no-itch formula, and it can also help against fleas and other pests.



The J•R•Liggett’s pet shampoo bar is a brand you have already heard of. They not only have a great line of pet shampoos, but they also cater to us, too! They have produced shampoo bars for both men and women, which are very effective, and all-natural. You can read about the different types of shampoo bars in our shampoo bars for men article!

Circling back to our beloved pets, J•R•Liggett’s pet shampoo bar is made from gentle ingredients that won’t irritate your pet’s skin. Plus the aloe vera is very soothing for inflamed or irritated skin. Other ingredients include lemongrass, lavender, lemon, and rosemary – all of which smell divine!

Lastly, the shampoo bar is cruelty-free, 100% natural, biodegradable, and of course, made with love.

Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve

The Chagrin valley soap & salve bar is made from moisturizing ingredients such as organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, sustainable palm oil, canola oil, castor oil, and much more! This fantastic combination of high-quality oils will not only deep condition your furry friend’s coat, but also leave its skin feeling great, too!

The bar comes in a 3.8 OZ bar which will last you many washes, plus it’s easy to get a good grip on it while lathering your pet. The shampoo bar is 100% natural, cruelty-free and it contains no harsh chemicals, sulfates or preservatives.

Woof Woof NaturalTM

Woof Woof NaturalTM

The is a hand-made all-natural soap designed to keep your pet’s coat clean and healthy. It’s jam-packed with super soothing and gentle ingredients like castor oil, olive oil, Neem essential oil, and Diatomaceous earth – which is great against fleas!

Overall, this will leave your furry friend shiny and well-taken care of. Plus, the 4.5 oz bar is big enough to last you a long time, and it’s easy to store as well, eliminating those plastic shampoo bottles.

Ethique Shampooch

The Ethique Smapooch bar is enriched with coconut oil, cocoa butter, and flaxseed oil to give a lovely shine to your doggo’s coat and keep its skin itch and irritation-free. It’s also suitable for dogs with sensitive skin, and the soap quickly produces a rich lather, without needing large amounts of it. 

Ethique is actually one of the pioneers in the zero-waste world, and creates products not just for pets, but for us, too!

HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo for Smelly Dogs

HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo for Smelly Dogs

The HONEYDEW Dog Shampoo might not come in bar form, but it’s just as effective. It’s designed for smelly dogs since it contains oatmeal and lavender oil, which helps combat bad odors. The shampoo is gentle on your furry friend’s skin, and it’s suitable for both bigger and smaller dogs.

Don’t let the packaging scare you off either! The bottle is made from recyclable PET plastic and glass, so you’re still making a more sustainable choice.

What do you think of using a natural pet shampoo? Now that you know the benefits of using a more natural alternative, will you make a switch? Have you or do you use natural skin care products? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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