Best Sustainable Slippers That Are Both Ethical & Eco-Friendly

A zero-waste and ethical lifestyle can start from your feet! We all love a good pair of cozy slippers, especially since many of us are spending so much time at home, so it makes sense to get the best pair possible.

The same goes for your friends or family – slippers make a significant and thoughtful gift, especially if they are of good quality.

Today, we’ve gathered a handy list of slippers that provide fair employment for artisans and even follow traditional values that help preserve cultural traditions – such as the moccasins, which are traditional Native American footwear.

While some of the slippers on our guide are made out of wool felting and other animal fibers, they are harvested ethically, and the animals are deeply respected in these cultures. However, we also have some eco-friendly, vegan alternatives for you too!

So, let’s get to it!



Kyrgies house shoes are an ideal solution for those chilly winter months spent at home.

The slippers are very sturdy, with thick, all-natural leather soles, and the slipper itself is made out of wood-felt. Every pair of Kyrgies is hand-made, and the wool is sourced from local family-run farms in Kyrgyzstan.

I like that these shoes look so comfy yet still have a very practical design, especially if you’re planning to do a ton of housework or run after your kids! 

Additionally, Kyrgies values creating fair opportunities for their artisans, and they always ensure they follow the proper human and environmental rights during production. 

Wool & Bamboo Slippers

For something extra cozy and stylish at the same time, check out the OHMY FIT Cozy slippers. They come with a “feet-hugging” design for extra comfort, and they also have all-natural, sturdy leather soles.

These slippers feature a luxurious blend of Icelandic Lopi, Merino wool, and Bamboo yarn – crocheted to create cozy slippers that will keep your toes all nice and toasty!

These slippers are quite popular, and they have made it on both Vogue and Tatler magazines.

Additionally, the OHMY Fit slippers are handmade in Cambodia using ethical procedures and fair-wage practices.

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Salmon Leather Slippers

Salmon Leather Slippers

The Salmon Leather slippers are handmade by women in Patagonia. You can even scan the QR code on each pair of slippers which will track them back to a specific artisan group in Patagonia.

The slippers are handmade using all-natural sheep’s wool and up-cycled salmon leather. The design itself is very comfortable, as it will mold to the shape of your foot.

With your new slippers, you’ll also receive a repair kit, and you can even use the tools provided to personalize your very own pair!

Natural Wool Warm Slippers

These all-natural warm wool slippers come in a variety of different color tones to match your style! You can choose from green, red, yellow, or brown shades or get a couple of different ones.

The slippers are made out of 100% Merino wool. This unique wool type absorbs any bacteria-caused odor, so you can wear your slippers for a much longer time without worrying about smelling.

What I like about these slippers is that you can wear them all year round. During the warmer Summer months, the moisture in the slippers is let out, and during colder seasons, they keep your feet warm.

The material is also very flexible, which is efficient for supporting your joints. Plus, the soles are made out of rubber which is anti-slip and much safer – especially on slippery floors.

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Heller Vertrieb 100% Pure Sheep Wool Slippers

Heller Vertrieb 100% Pure Sheep WoolSlippers

These Heller Vertrieb pure sheep wool slippers are referred to as “ big warm foot bags,” and I couldn’t agree more!

These slippers are made out of 100% warm sheep’s wool and will encase your feet to keep them cozy and warm. This pair is best suited for warmer months, and they are also 8 inches high, meaning your whole feet and ankles can be toasty.

The oeko-tex soles make the slippers sturdy and will help to prevent you from slipping on almost all types of floor surfaces.

The Heller Vertrieb slippers would make a lovely gift for anyone who suffers from chilly feet during the cold winter season!

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Alpine Moritz Bootie Slipper

The Alpine Moriz Bootie-style slippers are both very sturdy and versatile. 

The pair includes removable, shock-absorbing indoor insoles and super lightweight outdoor insoles for extra comfort. They’re also great if you’re very active at home and want something that will keep your feet cozy and protected.

For added comfort, the slippers are extra-fuzzy, with super-soft lining that mold to your foot. Plus, the thermoplastic rubber soles are anti-slip – which is important.

Lastly, the slippers come in 3 gorgeous designs to choose from Grey Heather, Navy Multi, and Whiskey.

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Staycay OG Slipper Sandal

Staycay OG Slipper Sandal

If you’re more of a sandal type of person, then you might like the Staycay OG Slipper Sandal by Dr. Scholl’s shoes.

These sandal-style slippers are surrounded by luxuriously plush faux fur and are designed with soft lining and a top cloth – that’s actually made from recycled bottles!

Plus, the slippers have an insole technology that puts a heavy focus on cushioning and support.

Gold Tan Moose Hide Pucker Toe Moccasins

Gold Tan Moose Hide Pucker Toe Moccasins

I like a good pair of moccasins, which is why I’m all for this pair of Gold Tan Moose Hide Pucker Toe Moccasins.

These beautiful pairs of Tan moccasins are made out of moose hide. Moose is a wild and highly respected animal in the Native American culture, and the hide used for the slippers often comes with its own scarring. These are kept to show the story of the animal’s life, rather than just cut out.

The slippers themselves mold to your feet and are highly comfortable. The insoles are made out of wool felt and moose suede, and you can request either Vibram or Crepe soles to be added to your pair.

Each pair is handmade and you can send your foot measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

What did you think of our list of the best sustainable slippers? Did we miss out on any? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

Here at Trash Backwards, we are passionate about sustainable living and finding more zero-waste alternatives for our daily life. For more environmentally friendly ideas, check out our latest piece on the best plastic-free dish soap brands!

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