Absolutely Best Reusable Shopping Bags of 2021

You may have already heard about the negative impact of single-use plastic bags. The Wildlife Fund Report even reports that nearly 200 species of sea life such as turtles, dolphins, and whales have died because of plastic bags and other plastic waste – and this report was carried out in 2005.

Therefore making a switch to reusable bags is an excellent way to help the environment. They’re usually super convenient, feature a cute design, and some can carry heavy loads of shopping. I like how some brands are very compact and easily fit into your handbag or glove compartment, as well.

So save a turtle’s life today and check out some of our absolutely best reusable shopping bags.

Ecozoi Organic Cotton Tote

Ecozoi Organic Cotton Tote

For those of you who like to keep your shopping organized, check out these extra-large shopping bags from Ecozoi. These bags come in a set of three and include six internal pockets, that help to keep your groceries organized. 

The bag itself is made out of 100% organic cotton which is a much more sustainable option for the environment, and easy to wash, I often like to carry big loads of shopping home, so the fact that this bag can hold up to ten gallons of milk is a huge plus, not to mention its 80lb capacity. Lastly, these bags convey a lovely message through their design and sea life art.

IKEA Knalla

The IKEA totes are super sturdy and compact. They’re convenient for your grocery shopping, a trip to the beach, the mall, or anywhere else. Because they can easily be folded up, they fit perfectly in even smaller handbags. They also come in two different color tones to choose from, red and black and are super affordable.

Strong reusable bags are a must if you often carry large loads of groceries. However, keep in mind that the IKEA totes aren’t waterproof – for those rainy days.

Reger Ripstop Nylon Totes

Reger Ripstop Nylon Totes

If you love colorful designs or want to add more fun to your shopping trip, check out these cute bags by Reger. They are very sturdy and tear-resistant, making them convenient for heavy groceries like tins and jars. These nylon totes can also be folded down to smaller squares and easily stowed in your handbag or backpack, which is something I love about them.

The bags come in a pack of six, with plenty of designs to choose from to suit your preference or even your outfit!


Here at Trash Backwards, we love a reusable shopping back with an honest message, and this is exactly what we get from this reusable shopping bag by EarthHero. A catchy message like this will really get attention, and you never know, you might even convince a fellow shopper to switch to reusable bags, as well!

This EarthHero bag is made from recycled cotton from post-consumer and industrial fragments, making it a superb zero-waste alternative. It’s also free from toxic dyes and other harmful chemicals, which are often present in plastic products. 

Lastly, the company is a member of 1% for the planet. An organization that helps and gives back to non-profit eco-friendly companies, whose main focus is to help our planet.



The BagPodz are super convenient and highly compact to carry with you anywhere. I’m a huge fan of shopping bags which don’t take up a lot of space, since I often like to keep them in my pocket or handbag. 

The BagPodz shopping bags come in a pack of five or ten, in a storage bag that has a clip designed for shopping carts – how convenient! Plus, these bags are pretty sturdy and each one can hold up to 50lbs worth of goods, not to mention they are waterproof as well.

Lotus Trolley Reusable Bags

If you like to keep things in a certain way and even deem yourself an “organizational nut”, you’ll like these Lotus Trolley shopping cart bags. They allow you to keep your groceries organized while you shop, and these bags even have designated pockets for eggs and other goods. You can keep them in your trolley while you shop, avoiding coming in contact with the part of the trolley that isn’t usually cleaned regularly, like the sides and the bottom.

Personally, I think the Lotus Trolley bags are ideal for the farmers’ market since all the fruits and veggies can be neatly organized into each pocket. Lastly, it’s worth mentioning that the bags are machine washable for added convenience.

Chico Reusable Bag

Chico Reusable Bag

The ChicoBag is best suited for the minimalists out there. The bag is very compact and includes an attached pouch as well as a carabiner, so you can easily clip it onto the trolley, backpack, stroller, or belt loop. It also unfolds into a large shopping bag that can hold up to 25lbs.

We love that the Chico brand is part of the B Corporation, whose primary goal is to build a more sustainable and inclusive economy; they also believe in giving back to the environment, which is what we are all for.

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