8 Best Eco-Friendly Toys for This Summer That You and Your Kid Will Love

With the summer upon us or on the horizon for some of you, it makes sense to invest in some fun beach toys for your little ones!

However, before we run to the closest convenience store to stock up on spades, buckets, and frisbees, let’s consider for a minute how eco-friendly those options are.

Most of the commercial beach toys are made out of cheap plastic that doesn’t degrade naturally. Moreover, the toys usually chip and crack easily or simply break since they aren’t sturdy enough.

This is why today we’re going to go over some great, fun, and, most importantly, eco-friendly beach toys to buy this summer.

Let’s get to it!

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Simplenice Beach Toys – Best Value for Your Money 

Simplenice Beach Toys

If you have more kids or you want a bigger set without breaking the bank – then check out the 26 piece by Simplenice.

The kit includes a huge variety of colorful beach toys including buckets, castle mold, hourglass, shovels, spoons, marine animal molds, food toys, and a convenient mesh carry bag.

I love this kit since it includes pretty much everything you’d need for a fun day at the beach, and of course, it’s all eco-friendly as well. All the beach toys are made out of sustainable wheat-straw materials, which are also pretty sturdy.

For added safety, all the toys include smooth, rounded edges, so your little one doesn’t hurt themselves, and the toys are perfect for little hands too.

Overall, the Simplenice 26 piece beach toy kit is excellent for the whole family for a day at the beach, during bath time, or even for fun playtime in the snow!

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Burgkidz Beach Sand Toys – Best Dinosaur Themed Eco-Friendly Toys

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

The Burgkidz beach toys kit comes with colorful dinosaur-themed toys that will spark your kid’s imagination and offer hours of fun indoors and outdoors.
The unique toys are made out of strong ABS plastic, which is designed to last for ages. On top of that, the toys themselves are soft with rounded edges – making them safe for younger toddlers.

In the set, you’ll get a cute dinosaur cart and a sand wheel as well as a shovel, beach roller print, and more. These toys are great for developing your child’s critical thinking, coordination, and imagination!

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Silicone Baby Beach Toys – Best for Very Young Children

Silicone Baby Beach Toys

For younger kids, this silicone beach toy kit is a fantastic option. 

The set includes a bucket, some toys, and a spade – all of which is handmade out of eco-friendly silicone without plastic insight, and it’s 100% non-toxic as well as highly durable.

What’s excellent about silicone beach toys is that they are ultra squishy and don’t ever lose shape. That means your little ones can roll, grab, drop and squish the toys all they want – and they will remain the same! On top of that, the beach toy’s soft design will ensure that the kids won’t accidentally hurt themselves.

Green Toys Submarine – Great for Water-Play

This toy submarine is a great beach or poolside toy for young toddlers or even older kids.

The submarine is made of 100% earth-friendly materials and is completely free from BPA, phthalate, or PVC. The whole toy is actually made out of recycled milk jugs – how cool is that?

If your kid likes playing in the water, then the submarine will be the perfect accompaniment. It features a spinning rear propeller and an easy-grip handle making it simple and fun to play with

I like how the toy is a fun addition anywhere where there is water involved. So whether it’s at the beach, pool, bath, or anywhere else, your kid will surely love it!

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Lydaz Bean Bag Toss Game – Best for Outdoor Fun

Lydaz Bean Bag Toss Game

The Lydaz bean bag toss game is fun for the whole family on the beach, in your yard, poolside, or anywhere else you can imagine.

The dinosaur or frog-themed game helps to develop young children’s hand-eye coordination, motor skills, critical thinking, and learning numbers all at the same time. The game can be quickly set up, and the kit includes 4 stakes, which will allow the set to maintain its stability.

Your kids can throw from both sides using the included ball, and you can even create teams for added fun!

The whole set is made out of eco-friendly materials, including the particles in the bean bags, which are PP safe.

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COMME HAN 10 Piece Kids Beach Toys – Most Creative Beach Toys

A sea creature toy set screams “beach toys” like nothing else.

Not only that but this No products found. is made out of premium quality materials using wheat straw plastic which is very sturdy and toddler safe. I also like how these toys are great for bathtime fun, and you can even have your kids bring them to the park or poolside.

In the set, you’ll get a sandcastle mold bucket, a spade, and a shovel, plus some cute creatures like sharks, seashells, mermaids, starfishes, crabs, and so on.

BraveJusticeKidsCo Silicone Beach Toys – Highest Quality Beach Toys

BraveJusticeKidsCo Silicone Beach Toys

While not the most colorful beach toy set, it’s definitely the most aesthetic!

The BraveJusticeKidsCo silicone beach toys are made out of food-grade premium quality silicone. All of them are completely lead, phthalate, and BPA-free, making them very child-safe and eco-friendly.

You can rest assured that the silicone material won’t break easily no matter how often dropped or stepped on – which is an essential factor for kids’ toys.

The kit includes a bucket, a spade, some sea creatures, and a cute beach bag to carry it all in.

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FANURY Beach Sand Toys Set – Best Sandcastle Building Set

Building sandcastles on the beach is probably one of the most important beach time activities, which is why we love this FANURY beach toys set.

The colorful 14 piece kit includes 10 sand castle mold, a toy dump truck, a sand shovel, and a rake, plus a cute mesh bag to store it all in!

No toxic materials were used to make these toys, as it’s 100% non-toxic and BPA-free. The whole kit is made out of durable and safe wheat plastic straw, with rounded edges ensuring your little one won’t hurt themselves.

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Opting for sustainable and eco-friendly beach toys this summer is definitely a favorable decision to make. Not only are the toys more kid-safe and durable – you’ll also be cutting down the environmental toll caused by excessive plastic usage as well.

So, what did you think of our best plastic-free beach toys? Do you have a different brand you prefer? Let us know in the comments below, and thanks for reading!

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