9 Best & Easy Swaps for More Eco-Friendly Mopping You Can Implement Today

How about making your mopping more eco-friendly?
Anything from the tools we use to the detergent itself can be a lot more sustainable and better for the environment overall.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some great mop and detergent alternatives that you can implement into your daily life – including some awesome DIY options!

And best of all?
It doesn’t have to break the bank either!

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Alternatives

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Alternatives

While the equipment we use on a daily basis plays a huge part in an eco-friendly lifestyle, so do the detergents we clean with!

Plenty of commercial cleaning liquid brands contain chemicals and toxins that are both harmful to our environment and simply unnecessary.

Let’s check out some more zero-waste and natural alternatives.

Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner

This plant-based floor cleaner comes with fragrant citrus and mint scent that will leave your floors sparkling clean and your home smelling fresh!

Better Life floor cleaner is made from biodegradable ingredients that are gentle on our Mother Earthy while still; remaining powerful enough to cut through dirt and grime.

It’s versatile enough to be used on most surfaces like marble, vinyl, bamboo, glass, and much more.

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Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate

For tougher spots like the bathroom, you might prefer Mrs. Meyer’s Multi-Surface Cleaner.

This biodegradable and natural detergent comes with a fresh Lemon Verbena scent – and is safe to use on most surfaces, including hardwood and tiles.

It’s tough on grease and dirt while remaining kind to our planet.

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9 Elements All-Purpose Cleaner

Why not get something for the whole house?

The 9 Elements All-Purpose Cleaner is composed of just 9 natural ingredients, and the formula works hard to tackle tough stains, including hard-water residue.

This vinegar-powered cleaner is free from artificial dyes or synthetics and suitable for all your surfaces, ranging from granite, glass, and stainless steel!

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Best DIY Option

Best DIY Option

Did you know that you can effectively clean your floors or any other surface for that matter using ingredients found in your kitchen cupboard?

If you’re anything like me and like to come up with eco-friendly solutions right from the kitchen, then you’ll love this!


  • Rosemary sprigs or sage
  • Lemon rind
  • 1 part white vinegar
  • 1 part water

Pour all of these ingredients into a spray bottle, leave to infuse for a week – and voila!

You can use this potent concoction to clean hard-water stains, grease, and much more.

Eco-Friendly Mopping Equipment 

Eco-Friendly Mopping Equipment

Now that we have the eco-friendly detergents out of the way – let’s take a look at some better alternatives when it comes to the actual tools we use.

It’s well known that plastic mops and disposable mop pads (unless biodegradable) are not the way to go.

They are pretty flimsy and don’t break down naturally. This means they will continue to sit in our landfills for 100s of years and even get into our waterways.

However – before you rush out to buy your brand new reusable mop and bucket, do so only if the current cleaning set you have is standing on its last legs.

Since as we mentioned before, plastic takes an incredibly long time to break down, meaning that if you already own a plastic mop – it’s best to keep using those until they are ready to be replaced.

Handmade Reusable Wet Jet Swiffer

This handmade reusable Swiffer is both economical and eco-friendly.

The swiffer is made out of cotton, quilt, velcro, and terry cloth and it fits most types of mops. 

This is a great alternative to disposable mops as you can simply pop the reusable swiffer in the wash as soon as you’re done! This is better for the environment and not to mention – a more affordable long-term option.

Swiffer Mop Pad Refills

For added variety, check out these ultra colorful swiffer mop pad refills!

I like how these mop heads are suited for both dry and wet mopping since there is a dry side and a terry cloth side designed for more stubborn cleans.

The swiffer pads are zero-waste and sustainable, not to mention pretty cute to look at. Plus, they attach easily to all types of mops using velcro for a more snug fit.

Cotton Mop

A cotton mop is a true and old classic when it comes to floor cleaning.

They can be reused for ages, and these mop heads are great for really getting into the dirt and grime.

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Best DIY Option

Best DIY Option

If you have some time to spare, a mop handle, and some old fabric lying around – you could have the perfect materials necessary for a DIY mop!

Simply cut up the fabric into strips and clamp them onto the mop handle for a fantastic eco-friendly alternative that won’t cost you a dime.

Cleaning Mop Made of Wood

Now for the actual mop!

Since we are trying to cut down on our plastic usage—this wooden mop is a great option to consider.

It sports a minimalistic design and will fit into most home aesthetics. Best of all, this particular mop is handmade out of natural hardwood, so you’re supporting both the environment and great sellers!

Wooden Cleaning Set

Why not get the whole set?

This eco-friendly cleaning set comes with all the basics to keeping your home clean.

You’ll get a stand with a mop, broom dustpan, and a hand brush, all of which is made out of natural wood – no plastic in sight!

Once you pair this set with a reusable mop and a non-toxic detergent, you’re on your way to a more eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning regime.

Stainless Steel Mop Bucket

To finish off your eco-friendly mopping set – you’ll need a reusable bucket.

In this case, you can’t go wrong with a simple and sturdy stainless steel bucket that will last you for ages.

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Eco-Friendly Mopping – Final Thoughts

Eco-Friendly Mopping - Final Thoughts

Even just by making small steps, like replacing your daily cleaning detergent with a more natural alternative, can positively impact our environment. The same goes for your regular mop handle, bucket, and reusable mop pads.

We hope that you were able to get some awesome ideas from our guide, and thanks for reading!

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