Best Absorbent Coasters of 2022

No one wants a wet ring on their coffee table, but accidents happen.

You try your best to be careful, but sometimes those little water droplets manage to find their way onto your beautiful wood surface.

The solution is simple—get a set of absorbent coasters!

Before today, I never really gave coasters a second thought. I assumed they were all the same and wasn’t aware of the different types out there. All I wanted was a simple coaster to prevent coffee stains from ruining my table or leaving unsightly rings of condensation on my wooden desk.

Here at Trash Backwards, we prefer more sustainable options for our everyday items, including coasters. And we have found just that! A lot of the brands we’re going to show you today are super absorbent and, best of all, eco-friendly. Plus, many of them feature a cute design that will compliment your space while simultaneously protecting your great-grandmother’s antique table.

Their size: A coaster that’s way too small will cause larger glasses or cups to hang over the edge, and it won’t really protect the table from moisture. Plus, your glass is always at risk of toppling over since it’s unbalanced. Whereas a coaster that’s too large just looks awkward.

The best middle point is around four inches wide, comfortably fitting most mugs and even wider glasses.

Their material: Coasters come in all types of materials, ranging from paper, rubber, cotton, and cork. With some of the best absorbent ones being sandstone or ceramic, you can rest assured those will absorb any condensation even from the coldest drink on a hot Summer’s day.

Plus, a good coaster shouldn’t just be super absorbent; they mustn’t damage even the most delicate surfaces, either. Therefore brands that have anti-skid material to prevent sliding are a good option to go to consider.

With all this in mind, let’s check out some of the best sustainable, absorbent, and even stylish coasters we found to impress your guests with and feel better about keeping your furniture safe.

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#1 Thirstystone Cinnabar All Natural Coaster

#1 Thirstystone Cinnabar All Natural Coaster

These attractive sandstone Thirstystone coasters are super-absorbent with a unique design. The set includes four coasters, all with a diameter of four inches, making them ideal for even larger coffee mugs. You can also have a custom caddy with your set if you wish.

 I like that sandstone is very eco-friendly and a sustainable choice, so I don’t feel guilty stocking up on these beautiful coasters. Plus, they are quarried from the desserts of Utah, which gives them their unique appearance. On the back of each coaster is a cork material that will prevent sliding and scratching, which is good news for more delicate tables.

Going through the user reviews, it’s safe to say that most are fans of these coasters. Reviews state that these attractive coasters not only look like works of art, but they can absorb considerable amounts of water, and dry quickly, too.

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#2 Teivio Absorbing Stone Mandala Coasters

The Teivio stone mandala coasters are not only beautiful with their colorful Mandala design, but they are pretty absorbent, as well. The coasters feature a highly absorbent ceramic material that will help keep your table dry and safe from moisture rings. Their cork bottom will protect your glass table from unwanted scratches, as well.

The set comes with eight ceramic coasters in various, colorful styles. I really like the included iron coaster holder, which keeps them safe and ready to use next time. Plus, it’s way better than having them strewn around the kitchen drawer.

Lastly, the Teivio coasters have an ideal four-inch width, and they’re effortless to clean; just rinse them under the water when you’re done.

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#3 Marble Ceramic Coasters

#3 Marble Ceramic Coasters

The fancier marble ceramic coasters look very chic and will complement most homes. These Marble Ceramic coasters are made from a stone material with an ultra-absorbent porous ceramic material, and a cork backing to protect your beautiful furniture. These coasters are a near-perfect fit for bulky mugs or delicate wine glasses with their four-inch diameter, so you don’t need to worry about them not fitting your favorite “I hate Mondays” coffee mug.

Other users rave about these faux marble coasters, claiming that they are surprisingly absorbent even though they look like real marble.

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#4 Comfortena Silicone Absorbent Coasters

The Comfrortena Silicone coasters come in six different color options: black, deep blue, elegant black, rich brown, soft sand, and wine red. So, you’re bound to have your favorite shade that will work with your space.

Silicone is also more environmentally friendly, and it’s non-toxic for us and the oceans, so a big plus for us! Additionally, these silicone coasters are also covered in highly absorbent felt, which can be removed to wash, and they’re effective for protecting your tables from moisture.

The coasters come in 3.5 diameter, which is suitable for beverages of all sizes. Their scratch-free bottoms will also prevent them from sliding around and ruining your home furniture. The set included six coasters and would make a lovely housewarming gift.

Most users review them as super-efficient and highly absorbent. They also love the fact that the coasters are easy to wash and are even dishwasher safe!

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#5 Thirstystone Old World Coaster Set

#5 Thirstystone Old World Coaster Set

Because we like them so much, we will throw in another set of four coasters by Thirstystone. These coasters come with a unique, world map design that gives off an antique, old-fashioned vibe. They would fit in very well during a dinner party, office meeting, or even as a thoughtful gift idea.

The coasters feature a four-inch diameter and are made from high-quality sandstone material that is both eco-friendly and super absorbent. I like their non-skid bottoms that won’t scuff your favorite furniture nor cause your beverage to slide around. Plus, they are easy to wash and dry, which is always a bonus.

Most users review them as beautiful coasters that actually soak up the liquid and stop condensation from ruining your table.

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#6 Handmade Braided Drink Coasters

For those of you who love a scaldingly hot cup of coffee, take a look at these heat-resistant braided drink coasters. These coasters are made from cotton yarn and have a lovely homemade appearance that gives off a cozy feeling.

They are also quite large, measuring at 4.3 inches. The homemade coasters come in a set of six with two green, two light gray, and two dark grey patterns. Plus, they are highly absorbent and suitable to be used at home, at the office, or even at the bar for a more unique look.

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#7 LIFVER Ceramic Drink Coasters

#7 LIFVER Ceramic Drink Coasters

These pretty ceramic coasters feature a stoneware pattern print that looks very chic and stylish. The coasters have a soft cork bottom to protect your beloved furniture from scratches, and it’s anti-slide as well. As I already mentioned before, ceramic coasters are super absorbent, and they will prevent any spills or drips from ruining your furniture.

The LIFVER Ceramic Drink coasters are quite large, as they come with a four-inch diameter to match almost all types of glasses and cups. You’ll get six coasters in one set, and I’d also recommend them as a housewarming gift for their attractive appearance and practicality.

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#8 Lahome Marble Style Coasters

For a stunning design, check out the Lahome marble style coasters. As the name already suggests, these coasters feature a pretty marble design on a ceramic stone that will liven up your home, office, business, or anywhere else.

They’ll protect your beloved furniture since the coasters feature a high absorbency to keep your space dry and clean. Their cork base will prevent scratches from showing up on your wooden or glass table, which is a big plus.

Size-wise, they’re pretty large, measuring at four inches, so you don’t need to worry about them not fitting your whisky glass or coffee mug.

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#9 Pandoza Absorbent Coasters for Drinks

#9 Pandoza Absorbent Coasters for Drinks

The Pandoza Absorbent coasters have a unique design that’s equal parts stylish and simple. The ceramic coasters are ultra-absorbent and include a cork base to protect your furniture. However, one crucial thing to keep in mind is that these coasters stain more easily than other brands due to their white design. So they may be more vulnerable to coffee and tea spills.

Other than that, they are perfectly suitable for most homes or as a practical gift for someone you love since they come in a cute gift box. Their four-inch diameter is also ideal for all types of cups and glasses.

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#10 Cork Reusable Coasters

This set of 16 cork coasters are ideal for most businesses and homes. Sometimes simplicity is best, and these coasters offer just that. They are super absorbent, they won’t damage your wooden table, and they’re manufactured from authentic cork – which is super eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable.

Additionally, you’ll also get a black metal coaster holder with the set to keep them organized and easy to access when needed. The cork coasters are a great idea for party hosters and make an excellent gift for anyone.

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#11 LIFVER Coasters with a Holder

#11 LIFVER Coasters with a Holder

Last but not least, we have the LIFVER coasters. These ceramic coasters come in beautiful designs, three featuring warm tones and three with cooler shades. There is also a coaster holder included helping you keep them organized and safe.

The LIFVER coasters are super absorbent and will quickly catch any spills or drips of condensation from your glass or cup. So if you like to host outdoor events and don’t want to scratch your wooden or glass tables, check these ceramic coasters out. What’s more, their cork-based design will prevent any scratches from showing up on your furniture.

Their four-inch size will fit almost all types of glasses or cups, ranging from a martini glass to a giant coffee mg.

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Best Absorbent Coasters FAQs

Which are the best coasters that absorb water?

Stone coasters are the best. They’re made from natural stone, which is porous and absorbs moisture quickly. Stone coasters don’t just look great—they also work better than other materials because the pores in porous stones like granite or slate allow water to be absorbed into them without running off onto surfaces below. Porous surfaces also keep things cooler by acting as insulation, so your drinks stay colder for longer on a stone coaster than on any other surface!

Do slate coasters absorb water?

Yes, it’s true! Slate coasters are a great way to protect your furniture from drink spills. They work by collecting the liquid in little indentations on the coaster, so it doesn’t soak into the wood and damage it. And if they do happen to get wet, they can easily be dried off with a towel.

Plus, slate coasters have a really cool look to them and can add a touch of sophistication to any room. So if you’re looking for an attractive and functional way to protect your furniture from drink spills, check out slate coasters!

Are marble coasters absorbent?

Yes, marble coasters are absorbent. In fact, they’re one of the most absorbent materials known to man. That’s why so many people use them as kitchen trivets to protect their countertops from hot pans and pots.

Marble is made of limestone, which is a type of sedimentary rock that’s made up of tiny bits of shells, coral, and other organic matter that have been crushed and cemented together over time. Because it’s made of organic matter, marble contains a lot of pores and crevices that make it an excellent absorber of liquids. So if you happen to spill a drink on your marble coaster, rest assured that it will be absorbed quickly and completely.

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